T1FC Lyon 09/06/2016

Speaker & Organiser
The 1st Floor Challenge is a balanced mix between a hands-on learning Workshop and a Challenge. Participants are immersed in a simulated scenario, a game, that mimics a real world situation.
Each team has the opportunity to build and fly a Drone, while actively learning (and applying) Project Management, Sustainability and Design Thinking methodologies in an integrated way.
They’ve been involved in previous workshops in Portugal, Panama, and France.

I got the opportunity to go to their three recent events in Lyon, to talk about Design Thinking.
It was an amazing experience and I hope to be invited again in the future.

Here follow the video of the event for this day, along with some pictures.
For more pictures check out their flickr or their instagram
You can check out their website, or contact them to organise the event yourself if you're keen!