Storyboard of my life used as a Pecha Kucha presentation in which we had to present ourselves, our interests and our story.
This was done for the MEDes workshop 2015.
It illustrates the story of how moving countries as a kid was a diffucilt change, but made me realise how important experiencing new cultures was for me. This was when my passison for traveling began... Along with many other passions of mine. I struggled on deciding what to study, seeing as I couldn't decide what I liked most.
I chose to study Design in Aveiro, and to follow the Master of European Design program, which gave me the opportunity to live and study in Aveiro University, in Aveiro, Portugal; The Glasgow School of Arts, in Glasgow, Scotland; and in the future, Aalto University, in Helsinki, Finland.
I lived alone for the first time in Scotland, and I learned a lot about myself as a person. I also met unforgettable friends and saw snow for the first time in my life.
Deisgn in Aveiro University taught me: which areas of Design I had an interest in; and to worry about the final polished product and how to present it to the client.
Deisgn in The Glasgow School of Art taught me: that Design is very maleable and my interests are always changing and evolving; how the process and the thought behind the projects are crucial to how it's experienced by the client; to focus on User Centered Design.
In this note, I hope Design in Aalto University will continue to teach me how to focus on the user's needs, and how to apply this with a more entrepreneurial mindset, following not only a User Centered approach, but an Innovation Driven approach.

Made in: Photoshop
Tool: Wacom Intuos4 M
Estimated time: 1 week