Gemmin is a light festival which consists on throwing a water-soluble glow-in-the-dark plastic gem into the flowing river. The movement of the water will create interesting visual patterns. This festival can also be gamified by putting messages inside the gem which will be collected by other participants. In return, you can also gather a gem from the river and see the message you got. Since the gem is soluble on water you need to get it before it (and the message inside) melts into the river.

To see how the light festival would look like check out my Kelvingrove Under The Lights illustrations.


Since the object itself was very sober and angular, but the event itself was experience-driven, and had a very loose and emotive feel, I decided to use watercolours to illustrate the gems to create a dichotomy between the organic feel of the colours and strokes, and the hard edges of the gem.
For the same reason, I chose to emphasize the gem's shape through the shape of the box, making it very geometric.


To make the gem I first made a few mock-ups on foam, to test the size and how it felt on the hands.
After I had decided on these key-elements, I modeled it in the computer and 3D printed it.