"We believe that everyone should have access to free food, food education and a space where they can grow and learn with support and community"

Our Mission:
  • Design an alternative to foodbanks and reduce food poverty.
  • Enabling communities to provide access to food for all, by creating a space where equal opportunities are given.


Come to one of our restaurants for lunch or dinner or even breakfast.
Choose what you’d like to eat.
Enjoy a delicious meal, have a chat, listen to some music in a warm community space.

Reflect on your feeling and decide how much you want and can contribute to this unique experience, and put some money in one of our piggy-banks in the restaurant.
Be part of a unique financial model that is centred on the values of trust, generosity and respect that gives people the opportunity to eat out and be social regardless of their financial situation.
You can also pay in time, and volunteer if you are unable to give money.


Because Everyone has a right to feel valued and respected, money should help bring people together not divide us.
We would love to welcome you as part of our community. We extend our hospitality offering you healthy cuisine cooked with love and gratitude. Our unique financial model relies on your generosity in order to pay our rent, utilities, wages and stock.


The way I indicated the users how much the meal was worth, was by indicating on the menu of the day how much time and work it took to prepare that single meal. This involved how long the vegetables took to grow, to transport, and to cook.

The menu will vary, and there will be several options, because it is very important that people can have a choice on what they eat. This detail gives it a more restaurant feel, along with the receipt given.

Furthermore, it’s important to support people with special needs.
For this reason, there is even the option of the DIY menu, where you choose the ingredients that are available that day, and the volunteers prepare a meal for you with those ingredients.

These meals were based on my food parcel meal recreation experience, in order to guarantee legitimacy.
You can see this experience in the Process section of this project.


"We believe that food banks should not become a permanent feature of our welfare system.
We want to support and enable local communities to create a landscape where citizens are not ashamed to seek help and can do so in a straightforward and noble manner.

We have established the concept ‘circle of help’, which aims to create opportunities for service users to give and receive help simultaneously.

This removes the guilt attached to receiving help and encourages more individuals and families to seek help when they need it to begin to break down the stigma surrounding food poverty and our society’s ‘blame culture’ by empowering those who need help by encouraging them with responsibility and purpose."



Food journal | Trussel Trust Food Parcel Diet

A Food Parcel from Trussel Trust is supposed to last for 3 days. I bought the ingredients on the list and ate only this for 3 days, finding that the things they provide you with are not nutritious or healthy enough.
I then recreated the Food Parcel and made healthier meal options with the same amount of money.